Equinix and VMware launch new distributed cloud service ideal for trading

Equinix and VMware have announced an expanded global relationship with the unveiling of VMware Cloud on Equinix Metal.

VMware Cloud on Equinix Metal is a new distributed cloud service that is said to deliver a more performant, secure, and cost-effective cloud option to support enterprise applications.

Combining VMware-managed and supported cloud infrastructure as a service with Equinix’s interconnected, global Bare Metal as a Service offering, the new solution extends customers’ cloud environments into distributed metro locations.

The new capabilities are meant to satisfy business-critical performance demands at the edge while enabling them to preserve the integrity of enterprise workloads.

VMware Cloud on Equinix Metal for real-time trading and retail POS

VMware Cloud on Equinix Metal is ideal for real-time financial market trading and retail POS, as well as other cloud use cases including smart cities, video analytics, game development, and a variety of use cases using IoT and ML/Inference.

VMware Cloud provides consistent multi-cloud infrastructure and operations while Equinix Metal offers an automated bare metal and interconnection offering delivered as a service across Equinix’s global International Business Exchange (IBX) footprint.

The service offers private, low-latency access to both private and public cloud environments—as well as thousands of IT and network providers.  Customers will be able to purchase the VMware Cloud software as a service from VMware and the Bare Metal as a Service capacity from Equinix.

Towards the adoption of hybrid multi-cloud architectures

Dave McCarthy, Research Vice President, Cloud and Edge Infrastructure Services at IDC, said: “Customers to date have lacked a suitable cloud option that combines on-premises security and control with high performance, data locality, and low overall TCO. For mission-critical applications that rely on low-latency and high-performance network bandwidth, the default has been to retain workloads on-premises or perform real-time needs, such as data processing, at branch office or metro locations. With their combined strengths, Equinix and VMware are well positioned to deliver a distributed cloud service that will address the demands of enterprise applications where latency, performance, security, and data locality are key drivers.”

Zachary Smith, Global Head of Edge Infrastructure Services at Equinix, commented: “As companies accelerate their digital transformation by adopting hybrid multi-cloud architectures, they require consistent application experiences that span private and public clouds, and reach from the core to the edge. We are pleased to partner with VMware to provide an on-demand, dedicated cloud infrastructure solution that can be deployed globally. Customers benefit from secure connections to their critical private or on-prem environments and also to the thousands of clouds, networks and other ecosystem participants that come together at Equinix.”

Narayan Bharadwaj, Vice President, Cloud Solutions at VMware, added: “Businesses across industries are seeking to become cloud smart by matching enterprise application needs to the best cloud environments. This approach will enable them to benefit from high performance and consistent infrastructure with low TCO. VMware and Equinix are uniquely positioned to co-innovate on a distributed cloud service that extends VMware Cloud to new locations to provide application choice and flexibility and accelerate cloud transformation for all enterprises.”