Edgewater teams up with OpenFin on FX capabilities, collaborative workflow

Financial markets operating systems vendor, OpenFin, will provide its operating system (OS) to Edgewater Markets as the latter seeks to provide extended native desktop capabilities for FX traders.

The NFA-registered trading technology provider leverages OpenFin’s OS to provide an enhanced UX/UI experience across the desktop. Building on its infrastructure, users of Edgewater’s terminals will also be able to integrate third-party applications deployed on the OpenFin OS into their workflows, cutting down on the time and cost involved in technology updates usually required by independent desktop applications.

Edgewater will deploy the full suite of its products on OpenFin in a bid to provide a combined technology and collaborative workflows. The move aims to provide Edgewater’s users with further choice in setting up workflows and accessing data while removing connectivity barriers for clients.

When running within the OpenFin environment, users can share data across multiple applications and vendor platforms to enable automation of complex trading workflows.

Edgewater said that the alliance with OpenFin aims to transform their users’ experience as they can rapidly exchange information across platforms by taking advantage of the interoperability that OpenFin brings.

“Our clients needed more robust windowing performance from our platform. Since partnering with OpenFin, users have been very happy with the enhanced user experience due to window management capabilities, and have seen an upgrade in performance of data delivery as a result. Our development team was able to deliver the solution within four weeks utilizing the OpenFin framework, and we were off and running,” said Brian Andreyko, Chief Product Officer at Edgewater Markets.

Global banks leverage OpenFin OS

“Edgewater Markets plays a valuable role in helping FX traders access liquidity in emerging markets areas. Connectivity to OpenFin has helped Edgewater clients to have better control over their desktop real estate and perform more efficiently overall,” said Adam Toms, CEO of Europe at OpenFin.

Set up in 2010, OpenFin has grown to serve the world’s largest banks and trading platforms including BNP ‎Paribas, Citigroup, HSBC, ICAP, JP Morgan and RBS, ‎which now use OpenFin to deploy applications both in-‎house and to over 250 buy-side and over 40 sell-side ‎customers.‎ OpenFin OS is also licensed across more than 125,000 desktops and is used to ‎deploy hundreds of applications to over 1500 major banks and buy-side firms.

Edgewater Markets is a provider of electronic foreign exchange workflow management solutions, as well as FX and precious metals optimisation software. The company provides its services to more than 350 global banks, asset managers and other financial institutions.

Furthermore, the NY-based based company allows clients to leverage its foreign exchange offering that covers a wide range of Latin American non-deliverable currencies. This gives Edewater’s FX community in other regions more access to emerging markets while bringing greater efficiency and reduced operational complexity.