DKK joins London Chamber of Commerce & Industry for emerging markets FX solutions

DKK Partners has joined the London Chamber of Commerce & Industry to provide LCII members with its suite of key services, including FX risk management, access to deep liquidity pools, and local collections for overseas trading.

The LCII is a key hub in London that helps members through a range of services and products enabling them to create connections and advocate on behalf of London’s business community.

The emerging markets (EM) foreign exchange (FX) liquidity provider is tapping LCII to make its services available to a business community of around 3,000 members.

DKK offers virtual IBAN accounts, EM and G10 liquidity, pricing and execution

DKK empowers businesses to manage currency risk in frontier markets by provigin access to virtual IBAN accounts, allowing customers to unlock access to new territories and currencies, as well as EM liquidity, giving direct access to real-time pricing and execution across of frontier, emerging and G10 market currencies.

The firm was founded by fintech duo Khalid Talukder, previously of UBS, Citi & Deutsche Bank, and Dominic Duru of RBS and Citi.

Khalid Talukder, co-founder at DKK Partners, said: “LCCI is the premier platform for UK businesses to collaborate, share ideas around how to improve commerce and establish trading partners globally. Our membership puts us at the heart of UK industry, allowing us to have our fingers on the pulse on the numerous challenges companies face, both locally and internationally. We look forward to working with our fellow members to support their expansion plans.”

Richard Burge, Chief Executive of the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), commented: “We are delighted that DKK Partners have become a member of the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which exists to connect, support, and champion the interests of businesses in the capital. DKK Partners are experts in currency exchange and a fantastic example of a London business with international reach and impact, whose services add significant value to our ecosystem. We look forward to working with them to unlock the growth potential of the Chamber’s members.”

DKK opened four new offices in Middle East and Pan Africa

Earlier this year, DKK unveiled a new brand identity and expanded across the globe with new offices in the Middle East and Africa to address high demand for its suite of services, including FX risk management, access to deep liquidity pools, and local collections.

The firm is specialized in emerging markets FX and develops strategies and methodologies that help corporates and institutions more effectively manage currency risk and develop sharp pricing.

FX risk management, FX liquidity, and local collections are the main three focus areas as part of the LP’s bespoke solutions.