deVere CEO says it’s time to buy stocks again

“Investors should seek to top-up their portfolios with high-quality equities ahead of a potential rebound as optimism becomes the more dominant sentiment.”

deVere Group founder and chief executive Nigel Green has come forward to say stock markets are likely to stabilize in the coming weeks and investors should be seeking to build their wealth now with currently undervalued equities.

The financial advisory, asset management, and fintech organization has $12bn under advice and appears to be buying now after most major markets have experienced two consecutive weeks of turbulence.

“As Russia amassed 150,000 troops on Ukraine’s border, concerns of a war in Eastern Europe, together with soaring inflation and the high probability of several hikes in interest rates, stocks have taken a bit of a beating in recent weeks”, said Nigel Green, adding that efforts between U.S. President Joe Biden and Russia’s Vladimir Putin to deescalate tensions in Ukraine, combined with positive economic growth data coming from multiple major economies, is going to have a stabilizing effect on markets.

“Therefore, investors should seek to top-up their portfolios with high-quality equities ahead of a potential rebound as optimism becomes the more dominant sentiment. In-the-know investors understand that they should not only be staying in the market, but that now would be the time to act to further bolster their positions”, he continued.

The German economy is reported to be growing at its fastest rate in six months, and business activity in the UK and France has recorded its strongest since June.

“We’ve had a period of market jitters and nervousness – and we’re still in it. For now. Investors should be taking advantage of current lower values to enhance their portfolios for the longer-term growth of their wealth. When used effectively and efficiently, a bit of volatility can be an extremely powerful investment strategy”, Green added, only to suggest that investors should do more than remain invested in the market.

“They should also now be bolstering their portfolios, using sound investment decisions based on fundamentals such as diversification, growth potential, sensible valuations, and profitability.”

Nigel Green has recently stated that Bitcoin has the opportunity to increase mass adoption and higher values this year amid geopolitical issues including the heightened Ukraine-Russia tensions, deVere Group CEO Nigel Green stated.

“Serious geopolitical risks in recent weeks are demonstrating real life use cases for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in extremely volatile times”

“Research shows that Bitcoin donations are flooding into Ukrainian non-governmental organisations and volunteer groups. The crowdfunding activities are, say experts, being used to equip the Ukrainian army with military and medical supplies.

Russia has recently made moves to regulate crypto, including upcoming tax standards, but Nigel Green says the country knows “Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies can circumnavigate traditional financial institutions that might block transactions as in crypto there’s no central authority that can block payments.”