D3 Global Raises $5 Million in Seed Funding to Revolutionize Domain Names in the Web3 Era.

D3 Global has successfully secured $5 million in seed funding to redefine the domain name industry by bridging Web2 and Web3 technologies.

D3 Global, a trailblazing domain name company, has completed its $5 million seed funding round. The round saw significant participation from an impressive consortium of investors, including Shima Capital, which led the round, Lightshift, Dispersion Capital, VentureSouq, Infinite Capital, MZ Web3 Fund, Kestrel0x1, Nonagon, C² Ventures, Arthur Hayes’ Maelstrom, and Identity Digital’s Paul Stahura. Launched in May 2023, D3’s mission is to reinvent the domain name space at the Internet’s foundational level — the Domain Name System (DNS).

Through collaborative efforts with prominent Web3 ecosystems, D3’s strategy focuses on applying for and securing new Top Level Domains (TLDs) in ICANN’s forthcoming application phase. These TLDs will offer robust identities universally recognized across all digital platforms. Furthermore, D3’s innovative, patent-pending technology ensures a seamless fusion of Web2 and Web3, enhancing utility, fortifying security, and ensuring unhindered access to essential online infrastructure.

Yida Gao, Managing Partner at Shima Capital, remarked, “D3 is uniquely positioned to revolutionize the domain name industry in this new era of Web3 and interoperability with what we consider as the real metaverse: ICANN-accredited domains that represent digital property rights. We are immensely excited to support Fred and the D3 team as they work to integrate the real-world asset class of domains into the rapidly expanding landscape of blockchain-based digital identities.”

Further solidifying its position as a disruptor, D3 has unveiled plans to inaugurate the industry’s inaugural on-chain marketplace catering to legacy domains. This venture promises tokenization for over 1,000 TLDs, such as .NET and . XYZ, paving the way for enhanced liquidity options for domain enthusiasts. Anticipated benefits include marked reductions in typical domain transaction issues, from opacity and excessive brokerage fees to transfer holdups and escrow services.

“Our vision extends far beyond the traditional utility of domain names as mere website addresses. We aim to fully utilize blockchain technology to offer domains that serve as secure digital identities,” commented Fred Hsu, Co-Founder and CEO of D3. “We are committed to driving forward the convergence of the traditional DNS system and Web3 to make domain names more versatile, secure, and universally accessible.”

D3 Global is at the vanguard of a new domain name era, introducing Web3 TLDs and robust, decentralized, cross-compatible identities to the DNS’s bedrock. With their groundbreaking, patent-pending technology, D3 is poised to be the premier platform offering a tokenized marketplace bridging Web2 and Web3. The D3 team, boasting over three decades of combined experience, is celebrated for its leadership in domain name monetization, internet protocols, and running several TLD operations.XYZ, .INC, .TV, and . LINK.