CQG teams up with NUTS Finance on crypto infrastructure

CQG, a provider of technology for integrating market data, technical analysis and trade routing, has joined forces with blockchain development lab NUTS Finance to launch “Optio Research.”

The new venture is Web3-based innovation lab focused on developing decentralized cryptocurrency infrastructure and trading solutions for institutional investors. Specifically, Optio Research caters to traditional finance’s (TradFi) needs to help the sector evolve and adapt to embrace decentralized finance (DeFi).

The Denver-based firm notes that the appeal of crypto investments has gradually become more prominent as the tokenization of the financial services industry has progressed. As DeFi advances, there is an increasing demand to access a full range of crypto products and services in tandem with traditional financial services. While the convergence of TradFi and DeFi unfolds, a kind of hybrid finance model is emerging, albeit with challenges to address.

Leading the newly established Optio are CQG executives Kevin Darby and Benjamin Soong, along with NUTS Finance co-founders Terry Lam and Daniel Tang. CQG CEO Ryan Moroney serves as a strategic advisor and member of the Optio’s board of directors.

“CQG’s has been carefully cultivating an expansion strategy to serve the growing demand for cryptocurrency as a new asset class for our existing and prospective clients. As more institutional clients move toward Web3 blockchain-driven technology, Optio gives CQG the opportunity to accelerate our footprint and play a leading role in the fast-growing digital asset space,” said Moroney.

“Over the last few years, we have seen the crypto marketplace develop rapidly. However, it is evident that the workflow and infrastructure for institutional investors is still at a nascent stage. Through Optio, our partnership with CQG and collective experience in derivatives trading technology and Web3 development give us the opportunity to be market leaders in developing a range of solutions that will not only improve the current user experience, but also act as a catalyst to accelerate adoption into this emerging asset class by traditional financial institutions,” added Lam

CQG One caters mainly to professional traders and institutional investors, acting as a multi-asset, multi-broker platform that offers a comprehensive set of pre-built algorithmic order types.

CQG’s network of electronic trading gateways provides traders with market data, graphical analysis and low-latency trading access to a global network of futures and options exchanges as well as fixed income and foreign exchange markets. The institutional-oriented brokerage group says it is offering a significant destination for customers who want to capitalize on diverse global markets.