CEO Andreas Kapsos Summarizes Match-Prime Liquidity’s Ambitious Future

Navigating the liquidity provider market can be quite challenging due to the strikingly similar offerings among companies.

Moreover, stringent regulatory frameworks adopted by many firms in their pursuit of top-tier service quality contribute to a level playing field. In a saturated market like this, the nuances become pivotal in brokers’ decision-making processes when choosing one provider over another. It’s evident that this trend is a permanent fixture.

We diligently monitor the market and engage with representatives from various companies, revealing that some brands grapple with pinpointing their unique selling proposition. Thriving in this competitive landscape seems almost insurmountable without it.

At Match-Prime Liquidity, we’re privileged to comprise a team of seasoned professionals with extensive industry experience right from our inception. While establishing our brand and internal processes, we swiftly recognized that forging effective partnerships with brokers hinged on comprehending their perspectives and the hurdles they confront. This knowledge has been instrumental. Today, after months of concerted effort, I’m delighted to declare that what truly distinguishes us is our profound understanding of brokers and our customer-centric approach, irrespective of their business scale or trading volumes. Our strategy revolves around evolving from mere liquidity vendors to becoming trusted partners to brokers. Our company is in a growth phase, continuously hiring new talent, yet our commitment remains steadfast.

Another key factor setting us apart is our technological prowess. Thanks to our dedicated team, we’ve harnessed the full potential of our strategic alliance with Match-Trade Technologies, our technology provider. Beyond equipping us with Match-Trader PRO, an in-house, next-gen platform, this close collaboration unlocks myriad opportunities. Our clients can seamlessly access a tailored bundle of Match-Prime Liquidity alongside the Match-Trader trading platform and associated products, like Bridge, at a reduced cost. This integration also mitigates the risk of connectivity issues since we’re fully integrated.

Our onboarding process stands out for its effectiveness. In many instances, brokers can fully harness our services within just a few days of contract signing. We have seamless integration with the most popular distribution systems and platforms, eliminating the need for additional integration work and saving valuable time for most brokers.

Hitherto, our primary focus has centered on Cyprus. Our intent was to establish a robust presence here before venturing further. After three years of meticulous groundwork, we felt the time was right to elevate our efforts with a long-term action plan. Recently, we’ve intensified our brand awareness initiatives, extending our sponsorship agreement with Omonia, a prominent Nicosia football club, and emerging as a significant sponsor of the forthcoming iFX EXPO International in Limassol. Over the next few months, we’re poised to inaugurate our third office, marking our first presence beyond Cyprus. We’re finalizing the paperwork, and we’ve selected a location that’s in close proximity to our clients.

Our ambitions for the future are grand, but we remain grounded in reality. We recognize that there are no shortcuts in our industry, and trust must be earned through dedication and hard work. This is why we emphasize direct communication, frequently meeting with our clients, and seizing opportunities to showcase ourselves at industry expos. With our unwavering commitment to excellence, cutting-edge technology, and expanding global footprint, Match-Prime Liquidity continues to shine brightly in the fiercely competitive landscape of liquidity providers, solidifying our position as the trusted partner of choice for brokers worldwide.