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Futures SRO Talks Budget

June 27, 2019

Meanwhile, the relationship between NFA and CFTC is like FINRA’s relationship with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). All its rule changes must be approved, which is what that surcharge is waiting.

FINRA’s Financial Capability Survey is Released

June 24, 2019

Among the findings in the NSFC, was that forty-one percent of respondents reported spending less than their income. The study also found, “36% spend about equal to their income, and 19% spend more than their income. These percentages have remained consistent across all four NFCS waves.

Brent Vs. Shale Futures Analyzed by CFTC

June 17, 2019

Unlike many traditional commodities such as corn, or wheat, or cattle, crude oil enjoys both a longer production life cycle and it doesn’t really spoil. You can store oil for years with no ill effects and once an oil reservoir is tapped, generally speaking, production will continue for years, barring some sort of mechanical or technical complication. As such, from the inception of the contract, the NYMEX WTI contract did a healthy amount of open interest farther out the curve than most commodities

Allison Herren Lee Faces Nominating Hearing for SEC

June 10, 2019

I have spent the bulk of my legal career at the SEC for one very straightforward reason: the SEC has a mission that is vital to the economic well-being of Americans and American businesses. It navigates the critical intersection between these two; between everyday Americans striving to build savings to buy a home, to send kids to college and eventually retire, and American businesses that need capital to grow and prosper.

US Senate Approves Tarbert for CFTC Chair

June 7, 2019

I would like to extend enthusiastic congratulations to Dr. Heath Tarbert on the Senate passage of his nomination to be the next Chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. He is highly qualified to lead the agency.

The Rise of Conditional Orders Post-MiFID II

June 3, 2019

The International Equity Trading benchmark research study for 2019, conducted by TABB Group, found that 79 percent of firms are using conditional orders to source liquidity for their clients. The trend is expected to accelerate further as more than 30 percent of these traders plan to increase usage in 2020.