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Fintech Startups Tackling Regulations

June 19, 2018

The financial world continues to be shaken up by the growing number of fintech company that is solving some of the industries oldest problems. Muinmos is a unique software company that drastically reduces the compliance process. Their new Business Development Director, Jonas Nielsen is ready to tackle some of the hurdles of growing a Fintech company in an area that has yet to be disrupted.

Beeks Financial Cloud Expands into Interxion’s London Data Centre

June 14, 2018

Cloud computing and connectivity provider Beeks Financial Cloud has continued to grow its presence, through a partnership with global data centre provider Interxion. Beeks will be offering compute-on-demand Infrastructure and connectivity from within Interxion’s London data centre.

The Growing Cost of Financial Crime

June 1, 2018

A new report from Thomson Reuters has lifted the lid on the true cost of financial crime. The survey has found that almost 50% of companies in the Asia-Pacific Region have been victims of financial crime, with the cost estimated at $1.45 billion.