reports 1 million new accounts in Q1 2022 amid Russian invasion of Ukraine

“There’s nothing like volatility to bring traders to markets, and we obviously had that by the bucket load in the first quarter of the year” has reported a total of $270 billion in trading volumes in Q1 2022, up by 36% from the previous quarter, with the platform’s user base growing by 27% with over 1 million new accounts created in the first quarter alone, bringing the total of user accounts to more than five million.

The broker has experienced phenomenal growth during the pandemic, as retail traders flocked the capital markets in search of opportunities in a time of uncertainty and lockdowns.

Lockdowns have mostly passed, but uncertainty is here to stay amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which has triggered market volatility and skyrocketing prices in the commodities markets.’s users have increased their trading activity on the platform by 43% compared to the previous quarter. The top five most traded assets by volume across the group during the quarter were Crude Oil, the NASDAQ index, Gold, BTC/USD, and the DAX index. Crypto Derivatives are not available to retail clients registered with Capital Com (UK) Ltd.

David Jones, Chief Market Strategist at, said: “There’s nothing like volatility to bring traders to markets, and we obviously had that by the bucket load in the first quarter of the year. Gold and oil were notably active markets as Russia invaded Ukraine – at its highest, oil was up 70% for the year so far and we weren’t even three months in.

“As the quarter came to an end, it did seem as if stock market investors were taking the uncertainty more in their stride, and we saw at least some of the earlier 2022 losses clawed back. Whether they continue to buy the dip next quarter remains to be seen – but from a geo-political and markets point of view, the first quarter of 2022 won’t be one that investors will forget any time soon.”

Kypros Zoumidou, Managing Director, UK of, added: “Our speed of growth has not shown signs of slowing as we progress through 2022. This has been a strong quarter for us, both in terms of new accounts created and volumes traded. These results demonstrate how we are successfully making trading and investing more accessible with cutting-edge technology, good pricing and education. This is the beginning of an exciting journey for us and we plan to bring more products and services to our global client base.” enables clients to trade derivatives on more than 6,000 of the world’s most popular indices, commodities, cryptocurrencies (not available to UK retail clients), shares and currency pairs.