Brokeree Solutions grabs ‘Most Reliable Copy Trading Platform’ by FinanceFeeds Awards 

Brokeree Solutions, the leading provider of technology solutions for multi-asset brokers worldwide, has been crowned the winner of FinanceFeeds Awards 2023’s ‘Most Reliable Copy Trading Platform’.

One of Brokeree Solutions’ standout products is their Social Trading platform. This unique copy trading solution is highly customizable and offers cross-server copying, providing brokers with unparalleled flexibility. The solution supports an unlimited number of connected trading servers/platforms simultaneously for a single brand and comes complete with back-end and front-end components, enabling brokers to swiftly introduce this new service within hours.

The Copy Trading function was specifically designed to cater to novice traders. These newcomers often lack the foundational knowledge required to analyze fundamentals, technical indicators, and financial statements necessary for informed investment decisions. Recognizing this gap, Brokeree developed the Copy Trading function, allowing novices to replicate the trades of experienced traders featured within the app. This way, newcomers can benefit from the expertise and success of seasoned traders, even if they lack the expertise themselves.

The platform also provides administrators, signal providers, and followers with a separate web portal, allowing each group to focus on achieving their individual goals. Overall, the offering’s reliability is a result of a decade of experience and hundreds of brands implementing Brokeree Social Trading. 

Brokeree Solutions, established in 2013, has been at the forefront of shaping the technological landscape for multi-asset brokers across the globe. With a rich history of assisting hundreds of local and international brokerages, the Estonia-based company has played a pivotal role in introducing new services, optimizing business processes, and establishing sophisticated risk management practices. 

Their product portfolio boasts over 30 solutions, apps, and plugins designed for leading trading platforms including MetaTrader 4 and 5, DXtrade CFD, and cTrader. From liquidity aggregation and risk management to investment systems and client retention, Brokeree Solutions covers the entire spectrum of brokerages’ needs.

A Decade of Evolution

Quote from Brokeree Solutions: “Winning the FinanceFeeds Award for the ‘Most Reliable Copy Trading Platform’ is an exciting milestone for us, as it highlights the forefront players in the industry and recognizes innovative thinking. We’re thrilled to have received this recognition, and it reinforces our pride in our product suite, tailored to transform broker operations. Our solutions are designed to streamline management and offer exceptional flexibility for traders on the go, showcasing Brokeree Solutions’ integrative approach. We’re truly honored to have our efforts acknowledged in this manner.”

Quote from FinanceFeeds: “Brokeree Solutions’ unparalleled dedication to providing reliable and innovative solutions has earned them the prestigious FinanceFeeds Award for ‘Most Reliable Copy Trading Platform.’ Their Social Trading platform stands as a testament to their leadership in the industry, offering aspiring brokers the tools they need to elevate their services and empower traders.”

Brokeree Solutions’ innovation was further embodied by the recent launch of a mobile application for their Social Trading platform. This mobile app seamlessly combines the advantages of the desktop version with a user-friendly mobile interface. With push notifications that keep users updated on trading processes, the mobile app empowers traders to stay connected and make informed decisions on the go.

In the meantime, Brokeree’s turnkey solution MT4/MT5 Liquidity Bridge enables brokers to manage large volumes of liquidity and efficiently map trading symbols inside the solution. Liquidity Bridge can connect several liquidity providers with the trading platform, expanding brokers’ abilities to finetune trade executions. Thus, brokers can set up any business model, including in-house risk processing, hybrid A/B book, DMA, ECN, or pure STP.

Through continuous collaboration and refinement, the platform has transformed from its initial version into a robust, scalable, and sophisticated solution. The platform’s granular configurability, accessible through a web-based administrator portal, ensures brokers can tailor the setup to meet the unique needs of their clients, providing them with the ultimate trading experience.

The inaugural FinanceFeeds Awards 2023 saw Brokeree Solutions emerge as a contender in the ‘Best Copy Trading Platform’ category. Fast forward, it has risen above the competition, standing out among numerous participants. This victory confirms their excellence in providing cutting-edge technology to the forex and multi-asset brokerages. 

About Brokeree Solutions

Brokeree Solutions is a well-known provider of innovative technological solutions for multi-asset brokers worldwide. The company specializes in high-grade solution development as well as MetaTrader platform servicing and consulting.

Brokeree’s flagship products include cross-server Social Trading, multi-server PAMM, and multi-platform Liquidity Bridge available for brokers that operate on MT4, MT5, and DXtrade trading platforms. Besides those, the company offers more than 50 solutions and tools that help brokers to elevate their businesses in very different areas, including client attraction, risk management, liquidity management, etc.