BlockFills integrates Sudrania for improved digital asset fund administration

“We are excited to announce the completion of the integration of Seamless Crypto with the BlockFills ECN.”

BlockFills has integrated with Sudrania Fund Services Corp to provide improved customer service and access to traders around the world.

Sudrania is a provider of digital assets fund administration and will use BlockFills’ API to gain access to transaction data, balances, and history to ease reporting and administrative tasks. In addition, Sudrania will be able to gain increased exposure to the digital asset community.

The partnership also serves the interests of BlockFills clients, who can be smoothly integrated into Sudrania’s Seamless Crypto system, a cloud-based fund administration platform for digital assets and cryptocurrency funds.

Sudrania’s Seamless Crypto application allows investment managers to fully outsource their fund administration and back-office operations via a cloud-based solution and provides functionality needed to manage cryptocurrency funds.

Nick Hammer, co-founder and CEO of BlockFills, said: “Sudrania is a force in the fund administration space, and we see great value in our clients having access to their products and services in such a way that represents the lowest possible operational lift for them. Further, in meeting with the Sudrania team, we know there are clients who utilize their services who are an ideal fit for BlockFills’ offerings. That our and Sudrania’s customers can engage with new services with low operational lift, makes this an all-around great fit.”

Shalin Madan, CAIA, Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer of Sudrania, commented: “We are excited to announce the completion of the integration of Seamless Crypto with the BlockFills ECN. We are pleased that this integration will allow our clients a quicker and better operational setup with back-office accounting and reporting and will improve the delivery times to our clients.”

Chicago-based BlockFills was founded in 2019 and is now one of the fastest growing crypto liquidity providers in the U.S., with over 700 institutional clients across 50 countries.

Sudrania is also from Chicago and is a cloud-based fund administration application integrating portfolio, fund accounting, and investor reporting. The platform processes high-frequency trading volumes to deliver daily NAV for hedge funds, digital assets funds, SPVs, mutual funds, private equity funds, Venture Capital funds, impact funds, commodity pools and mortgage funds.

Using BlockFills’ API, Sudrania’s global network of clients, who are seeking deep spot liquidity, derivatives, and lending services, will now be able to pull transaction data, balances, and history automatically and significantly ease reporting and administrative tasks.