Bitget and UCL Forge Educational Path for Blockchain Mastery

The innovative partnership between Bitget and UCL is set to empower students with hands-on blockchain and trading expertise, fostering the next generation of tech-savvy professionals.

Bitget, a prominent web3 and cryptocurrency trading platform, has established an educational alliance with the University College London’s (UCL) Blockchain Society and FinTech Society. This collaboration, through Bitget Academy’s extensive resources, aims to impart students with a profound comprehension of blockchain and trading.

The partnership stands on the foundation of Bitget’s Blockchain4Youth program, promising an educational experience that transcends conventional academic frameworks. It blends lectures from industry experts, engaging interactive sessions, and actionable insights into blockchain operations and trading strategies. Successful participants will be awarded certificates, bolstering their prospects in the blockchain domain. Bitget, embracing a holistic approach under Blockchain4Youth, intends to allocate $10 million over a five-year span to this cause.

UCL’s Blockchain Society, established in 2016, has become a preeminent hub in Europe for budding blockchain experts and tacticians to network and co-create. Similarly, UCL’s FinTech Society also inaugurated in 2016, has evolved into a significant society in its field. Both groups empower students to immerse in the latest industry trends and vocational prospects through various events and networking opportunities, striving to cultivate pioneering professionals adept at leveraging novel technologies.

UCL, positioned in London’s financial epicenter and recognized among the top 10 universities globally by the QS World University Rankings, is dedicated to advancing technology and its applications. By joining forces with Bitget Academy, UCL seeks to augment its pedagogic endeavors, ensuring that its students are prepared for the intricacies and possibilities within the blockchain and FinTech landscapes.

This Bitget-UCL synergy aims to bridge the gap between scholarly education and practical execution, making the principles of blockchain and trading both comprehensible and actionable. Students will gain not only theoretical knowledge but also learn its application in the vibrant market, a skill indispensable in today’s digital economy.

Acknowledging the disruptive potential of blockchain on various sectors, the educational venture between Bitget Academy and UCL is a significant stride. With the blockchain environment escalating in complexity, readying the emerging talent for future challenges and prospects becomes imperative. This alliance embodies the potential of academic partnerships to evolve in tandem with swift technological progressions.

Gracy Chen, Bitget’s Managing Director, expressed, “Bitget is devoted to demystifying blockchain and cryptocurrency trading. Our alliance with UCL enables us to extend our educational reach to young, enthusiastic learners about this groundbreaking technology. Alongside strategic partnerships with esteemed figures like Lionel Messi, Bitget is dedicated to fostering a deep-rooted interest in the crypto realm.”

The curriculum of this pioneering course includes:

  • Blockchain Basics: Principles, decentralized systems, and their evolution.
  • Trading Fundamentals: Techniques for market analysis and decision-making.
  • Advanced Blockchain Topics: Exploring consensus mechanisms, smart contracts, and dApps.
  • Derivatives and Advanced Trading Strategies: Mastery of futures, options, and Bitget’s proprietary trading techniques.

Participants will engage in lectures by industry connoisseurs, interactive sessions featuring pragmatic workshops, group exercises, and mock trading scenarios, and benefit from networking with professionals, culminating in a certification that underscores their industry preparedness.

The course, accessible to all UCL students with a zeal for blockchain and trading, requires no previous background and supports self-driven learning. It is provided at no cost, reflecting Bitget’s pledge to make education accessible.