Barchart adds integrates real-time equity options data and analytics into Barchart for Excel

Barchart for Excel has already gained recognition for providing extensive data across multiple asset classes like stocks, options, futures, currencies, and crypto.

Barchart has announced a significant enhancement to its Barchart for Excel service. This update integrates real-time equity options data and analytics, marking a pivotal advancement in the platform’s capabilities. Barchart for Excel, known for its seamless integration of market data into Microsoft Excel, now offers an even more comprehensive toolkit for market analysis.

This development is particularly timely, given the notable surge in equity options trading volumes in recent years. Brendan Hebert, Product Manager at Barchart, highlights the importance of this addition: “As equity options volumes have surged in recent years, our decision to incorporate real-time options into Barchart for Excel underscores our dedication to offering our users the most comprehensive and flexible platform for market analysis.”

Hebert noted that Barchart for Excel is designed to serve a broad spectrum of users, from novice traders to experienced analysts, with a diverse array of tools for informed and efficient decision-making.

Barchart for Excel’s expanded features include:

Real-Time Stock Quotes: Users have access to streaming updates, including live trades, bid/ask prices, and volume changes.
Real-Time Equity Options: The platform now offers real-time Greek calculations, such as Delta, Gamma, Theta, Vega, and Rho.
Historical Market Data: It provides extensive access to historical data, including daily, minute, and tick data.
Fundamental Data: Users can delve into extensive fundamental data, encompassing financial ratios, corporate actions, company profiles, and financial statements.
Options Analysis: The service includes comprehensive options analysis tools, such as IV Rank and Percentile, Most Active Options, Highest Implied Volatility, and Implied Volatility Curves.
Technical Study Data: A wide range of technical data fields are available, including indicators like Moving Averages, Stochastics, and Bollinger Bands.
Syncing with Watchlists and Portfolios: The platform allows users to instantly access their saved Watchlists and Portfolios from
Charting: Users can create custom charts using Excel’s native chart functionality and Barchart’s data, integrating and overlaying their own data sets.
Customizable Barchart Functions: The platform enables users to insert functions into Excel with pre-built Barchart arguments for easy data integration.
Building Financial Models: Users can combine price and fundamental data to create personalized financial forecasts.
Custom Worksheets and Reports: The service allows for the creation of unique worksheets and reports in Excel, tailored to individual needs and styles.

Barchart for Excel has already gained recognition for providing extensive data across multiple asset classes like stocks, options, futures, currencies, and crypto.

The integration of real-time equity options data reinforces Barchart’s commitment to evolving with market trends and user demands, ensuring that it remains a go-to resource for comprehensive market analysis. This enhancement not only broadens the scope of analysis capabilities for traders and investors but also solidifies Barchart’s position as a key player in the field of market data and trading technology.

Exclusive interview with Barchart CEO Mark Haraburda

In an exclusive interview with FinanceFeeds Editor-in-Chief Nikolai Isayev, Barchart CEO Mark Haraburda delved into the recent advancements in the company’s product suite and explained why options trading is on the rise.

While options on futures have seen growth, the main surge in popularity has been in equity options. This growth can be attributed to several factors, including increased education and awareness about options markets over the past two decades, the market volatility experienced during events like the COVID-19 pandemic, the accessibility of options trading through user-friendly apps, and the introduction of new products like short-dated options. These factors, combined with market volatility, have attracted new participants to options trading.

Haraburda also underscored how options on futures data, which Barchart has expanded into its Market Replay service, is a valuable and somewhat rare dataset.