B2C2 acquires France AMF-regulated crypto market maker Woorton ahead of EU’s MiCA

The acquisition empowers B2C2 with access to Woorton’s PSAN (prestataires de services sur actifs numériques) License, which is overseen by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF).

B2C2, the cryptocurrency liquidity provider serving institutional clients worldwide, has finalized the acquisition of Woorton, a prominent European leader specializing in market-making and over-the-counter transactions within the digital asset sector.

This strategic maneuver by B2C2 signifies its resolute commitment to expanding client coverage and adapting to the impending Markets in Crypto Assets Regulation (MiCA) regulations.

With this acquisition, B2C2 is poised to extend its services to clients within the European Union (EU) jurisdiction. Moreover, this move allows B2C2 to tap into growth opportunities for clients beyond the confines of the United Kingdom, Asia-Pacific, and the United States of America.

Woorton holds PSAN license overseen by French AMF

The acquisition empowers B2C2 with access to Woorton’s PSAN (prestataires de services sur actifs numériques) License, which is overseen by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF). This regulatory authorization grants B2C2 the prerogative to operate seamlessly within the EU.

Founded in 2017, Woorton boasts an active clientele comprising nearly 250 entities engaged in trading 96 different coins. The firm’s hallmark is its round-the-clock liquidity provision.

Woorton has fostered robust and ongoing engagement with regulatory bodies and holds a co-founding role in ADAN (Association for the Development of Crypto-Assets). ADAN serves as a bridge between the digital asset industry and policymakers, actively contributing to the formulation of regulatory frameworks governing digital assets in France.

Additionally, Woorton played a pivotal role in the establishment of Paris Blockchain Week, a globally renowned event that annually convenes over 5,000 attendees and 170 speakers for comprehensive discussions on blockchain and digital assets.

“A first rate digital assets market making firm”

Charlie Meraud, CEO of Woorton, said: “In joining forces with B2C2 we bring together the complementary strengths of our two firms. With a stronger combined platform, our customer base will enjoy access to a more robust liquidity pool and an improved market presence. We will better support our clients in providing the best liquidity and trading experience in digital assets and are thrilled to join Nicola, Thomas and the team.”

Nicola White, CEO of B2C2, stated: “This acquisition is an important milestone in the ongoing journey of B2C2’s growth and evolution. We welcome joining forces with Woorton’s expert team who, with their collective experience, have built a first rate digital assets market making firm supported by a robust client base and strong regulatory standing. We are excited about the possibilities that this acquisition unlocks for B2C2 and our client base in the EU.”

Thomas Restout, Head of EMEA at B2C2, commented: “Woorton is an innovative and forward-thinking firm which has an excellent cultural fit with B2C2 and with shared values, risk frameworks, operational practices. Like us, the team has a TradFi background but with the same crypto and digital assets laser focus. Together we are a combination of highly complementary businesses that deliver multi asset breadth and depth to clients in the EU market.”

Founded in 2015 and primarily owned by the Japanese financial conglomerate SBI, B2C2 operates from its main headquarters located in the United Kingdom. Additionally, the company upholds operational offices in both the United States and Japan. Registered under the company number 07995888 within England and Wales, B2C2 Ltd serves as the pivotal parent entity among the B2C2 group of companies.