B2Broker Unveils Significant Upgrades and Enhancements to B2Core iOS App for Maximum User Benefits

B2Broker, a renowned provider of liquidity and technology solutions, has just rolled out two new versions of its widely-used B2Core iOS app: version 1.15.0 and 1.16.0.

B2Broker, a renowned provider of liquidity and technology solutions, has just rolled out two new versions of its widely-used B2Core iOS app: version 1.15.0 and 1.16.0. These updates boast an improved user experience with modern interface elements, additional screens, and enhanced tools for communication. Clients can expect a much better experience and several valuable improvements with these updates.

The platform has been significantly updated, with a redesigned deposit and withdrawal screen, refreshed account creation details, upgraded wallet cards on the Wallets page, and support for OneZero/PrimeXM. Users can also now view all their transactions on the wallet details page, plus new KYC accreditation is available.

The latest edition of the app is available for download on the App Store.

New Design for Deposit and Withdrawal Screens

The deposit and withdrawal process has been upgraded with a carousel feature that enables users to quickly choose their preferred method. The indicative calculation is now simpler to use, so users can determine precisely how much they will get or spend in each currency. Moreover, detailed descriptions and autocomplete for bank account details have been added to make transactions smoother. These new features promise fewer errors, faster speeds, and an exceptional user experience.

Streamlined Account Creation

The B2Core team has made it easier than ever for customers to create their accounts on any trading platform, such as MT4, MT5, cTrader, PrimeXM, and OneZero. With a few taps, users can select their preferred currency and product, as well as any kind of order they want. To help customers make more informed decisions, B2Core has improved the account creation screen with additional information regarding leverage, netting, and hedging options. Demo and Live accounts both get this update.

Improved Screen with Account Details

The new account details screen is a welcomed upgrade to the platform, giving users more visibility into their financial performance. With new improvements, users can now easily filter their transactions by date, view PnL charts, and access important account details such as Free Margin, Free Funds, Equity, Credit, and Leverage. As a result, users can get a more comprehensive picture of their financial activity conveniently accessed from one location.

OneZero and PrimeXM Native Support

The recently released version 1.15.0 of the app makes it simpler for users to manage their accounts on OneZero and PrimeXM platforms. Instead of having to access them through Wallets, accounts are now displayed in the Platforms section, along with a full transaction history. This upgrade also provides Financial Operations such as deposit, withdrawal, transfer, and exchange, adding a whole new dimension to financial management.

Wallet Cards Display Improvements

B2Core‘s latest update features an improved design for wallet cards in the Wallets section. Users are now able to get a deeper view of their wallet status with a newly-enhanced UI. Each wallet has its own unique ID number, allowing users to keep track of multiple wallets at once effortlessly. Furthermore, all values are converted to the base currency of the user’s profile, so regardless of the currencies within individual wallets, the equivalent amount is displayed in the user’s default currency.

Overview of Wallet Operations History

The latest update has brought about significant improvements to transaction details. The platform now allows users to filter transactions by types, such as Deposits, Withdrawals, Transfers, and Exchanges. Furthermore, each transaction is assigned a unique ID, which makes it effortless to see the status of every transaction. Further enhancing the ease of classification, these transactions are represented by intuitive icons. Additionally, users can access their complete transaction history on a separate page.

New KYC Accreditation Support

B2Core customers now have access to a more streamlined and secure method of completing the KYC process. The new KYC accreditation includes different kinds of questions, such as open-ended, closed, and multiple-choice. Additionally, the KYC accreditation status (Take, Pending, Rejected, or Passed) is always visible throughout the verification process, allowing users to quickly identify what stage they are in. This makes the whole process much less complicated and more transparent.


The new version of B2Core’s iOS application provides many valuable advancements, simplifying how users control their accounts and assets. Now with native support for OneZero and PrimeXM platforms, improved wallet card display, transaction filters, and new KYC questionnaires, users can benefit from an even better experience on the platform. This update is sure to make life easier for users who rely on B2Core.