B2BinPay V18 – The Long Awaited Update Has Arrived, What Should You Expect?

The new B2BinPay v18 focuses on flexibility and transparency by merging two business models (Merchant and Enterprise) in one single account, redesigning the interface, and strengthening regulatory compliance. Let’s take a look at some of the newly updated areas.

B2BinPay is a leading crypto payment provider and solution developer that helps businesses send and receive cryptocurrency payments globally. The company announces a new update to its ecosystem and services in a package update dubbed v18 as a successor to the v17 update that was launched in September 2023.

New Merged Account

The new update introduced a new account type that merges both merchant and enterprise accounts in a single account, accommodating more flexibility and simplicity. What does it mean, exactly?

Unique Structure

The update takes the account structure to another level by unifying the user experience through a merged account that suits both merchants and enterprises to do business using cryptocurrencies.

Moreover, the update included redesigning the layout to make it clear by reducing clutter to avoid distractions and making the UX much more straightforward. Now, the registration process has become easier and faster.

Simplified Onboarding

The time required between creating a new account and launching services is now reduced, thanks to the revised onboarding process. Users can now select the services off the bat and quickly set up their accounts with minimum steps or additional costs.

Those who want to shift between different wallet services can do so without paying extra money or worrying about lengthy procedures, as they only pay a unified onboarding fee once. 

More Functional Layout

The front end of the website underwent design and performance updates. The layout was redesigned in line with the B2Broker family’s aesthetics, and the website was technically improved for faster loading speed.

These updates were added thoughtfully to provide more tools without forcing users to familiarise themselves with another website. Thus, additions and improvements were made smoothly. Here are some updated bits on the front end.

Wallets Interface

The new update reworked the wallet and transfer pages and reduced fluff and unnecessary clicks to speed up the website journey and improve user experience. This leads to an improved performance stream and better loading times.

The update also included refreshing other features such as bank withdrawals, exchanges and payouts.

Account Layout

The account menu was also revamped to make it more user-friendly and interactive. This was achieved by adding customisation tools that allow customers to select the services and settings that suit them.

Additionally, the robust security system was revisited, and the two-factor authentication was added to provide another safety layer.

Invoice Customisation

Now, issuing invoices and setting expiration dates can be customised since the 7-day expiration time was removed. Users can set their due date and customise the invoice to better manage their business.

Helpdesk Improvements

The Helpdesk is a crucial element of the user journey, which also got updated by adding more language options and new sticker notifications when a user receives messages from the support team.

Rates Page Update

The rates page interface underwent design changes to make it clearer and distraction-free. Users can now find currency and exchange rates at the top of the page and filter and select their favourite currencies.

FATF Travel Rule Adherence Powered By Notabene

As part of the update package, B2BinPay announced a new cooperation that boosts its legal compliance and increases customer confidence. B2BinPay joined forces with Notabene to reinforce its legal structure and comply with the Financial Action Task Force Travel Rules.

The FATF requirements imply that B2BinPay collects and shares user information associated with crypto transactions to detect and mitigate cyber crimes, money laundering and illicit financial activities. 


The leading crypto payment provider keeps pushing new updates that meet customer needs and set new competitive standards. 

The new B2BinPay V18 brought some design changes to the website to make it more interactive and improve user experience. The account management is now unified in a merged (enterprise and merchant) account that simplifies the registration and onboarding process.

These new updates are testimonials of the company’s commitment to providing service and innovations that suit market demand and raise the bar higher.