Avelacom partners with BitMEX for low-latency crypto trading

“Since 2018, when the cryptocurrency environment started to attract institutional traders, our customer base has increased significantly.”

Avelacom, which has pioneered low latency access solutions to crypto exchanges via its proprietary fiber network, has joined the BitMEX Partner Programme to provide access to real-time market data and order execution.

The initiative provides traders with an advanced crypto derivatives trading experience. Avelacom has built low latency connections between BitMEX and other global markets. These facilitate arbitrage trades and help attract more trading firms to join cryptocurrency markets.

BitMEX utilizes data infrastructure from Amazon Web Services, located in Ireland. Avelacom’s operated routes across multiple global locations as well as direct connections with the AWS and Alibaba clouds.

Aleksey Larichev, Chief Executive Officer of Avelacom, commented: “We are pleased to be joining the BitMEX Partner Programme. Since 2018, when the cryptocurrency environment started to attract institutional traders, our customer base has increased significantly. Low latency access to BitMEX is one of the most successful solutions in our portfolio, which we would like to develop and upgrade both from technical and business perspectives.”

Genia Mikhalchenko, Vice President, Spot Exchange at BitMEX said: “Avelacom laid the blueprint for how institutions should connect to crypto exchanges. Its network makes it easier for BitMEX trading members to interact with our platforms as well as to access other global crypto markets, no matter where they are located – in public clouds or data centers.”

Earlier this month, Avelacom launched colocation and network services for Japan Exchange Group (JPX), thus enabling financial services institutions to directly access JPX’s exchanges and markets in cash equities, commodities, and derivatives.

The JPX’s infrastructure – comprising the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE), the Osaka Exchange (OSE), and the Tokyo Commodity Exchange (TOCOM) – is now an integral part of Alevacom’s proprietary, ultra-low latency network.

Avelacom considers Japan to be one of its most strategic markets and, for that reason, the connectivity solutions provider has increased its presence in Tokyo over the past four years.

The firm’s expansion to Japan included an authorization from Japan’s authorities to provide telecommunications services, the opening of a branch office in Tokyo to be able to serve clients in the Japanese language, the launch of more points-of-presence (PoPs) in several data centers in the country, as well as the metro network in Tokyo.