Autochartist takes home FinanceFeeds’ ‘Most Comprehensive Market Analysis Provider’ award.

Autochartist, a world-renowned technology partner that provides real-time financial market analysis, has received recognition for being the “Most Comprehensive Market Analysis Provider” by the FinanceFeeds Awards 2023.

This specific award is about giving a shout-out to the remarkable initiatives, innovations and achievements of the industry’s market data providers, which are typically the cornerstone of informed decision-making. This win adds to a suite of high-profile financial data accolades Autochartist has won in a number of major markets over the past months. 

Since its inception two decades ago, Autochartist has been a catalyst behind the seismic shift in the way traders perceive and react to market analysis. Their approach blends big data with proprietary technology to forge a path towards well-informed investment decisions, empowering traders to navigate the complexity of financial markets with confidence. 

Autochartist’s influence spans continents, engaging traders in over 100 countries with thousands of trade setups, articles, and social media posts in over 25 languages. With a global presence, the company collaborates with leading brokerage firms, serving millions of investors with the tools they need to thrive in ever-changing markets.

From humble beginnings as a technical analysis-only platform, Autochartist has grown to offer 6 broad categories of analysis, including Technical Analysis, Statistical Analysis, Macro-Economic Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, Sentiment Analysis, and Volatility Analysis. These major analysis types can be subdivided even further, with Autochartist boasting a total of 14 different types of analysis.

Such breadth of analysis is unmatched by any analytics provider and truly allows a broker to provide an analytics solution to any type of trader.

Autochartist’s strategic alliances with top-tier brokers have enabled them to reach traders across the globe. Their innovative product suite, armed with sophisticated algorithms and comprehensive analytical features, elevates brokers’ ability to provide superior trading services. Autochartist also ensures that its content and services adhere to the rules set by regulatory authorities worldwide.

Quote from Autochartist: ” It’s brilliant to be nominated amongst best-in-class market data providers, and we’d like to thank all those who voted for us. At Autochartist, our journey has been one of innovation and transformation, driven by our passion for empowering traders with comprehensive market insights. Winning the FinanceFeeds Award for ‘Most Comprehensive Market Analysis Provider’ is a testament to our commitment to reshaping how traders navigate the complexities of financial markets.”

Quote from FinanceFeeds: “Autochartist simplifies complex technical analysis, saving traders valuable time and liberating them from hours of exhaustive research. It identifies trade opportunities based on support, resistance levels, chart patterns, Fibonacci retracements, etc. Many congratulations to the Autochartist team; they should be deservedly proud of their achievement in this closely fought and highly competitive category.” 

A Partnership of Excellence

Traders of all sizes require timely, accurate data to seize opportunities, evaluate risks and ensure the best return-risk ratios in fast-moving markets. Autochartist tools provide real-time insights, generating alerts as new opportunities arise. Available across web and mobile versions, they offer traders maximum convenience in accessing critical insights anytime, anywhere.

Meanwhile, Autochartist is focused on continuously expanding their depth and breadth of analysis and supplementing market data with unique services that help traders navigate market volatility.  Their mission is clear: offering unparalleled, consistent analysis to broker clients, regardless of their global location.

Brokers using Autochartist tools and services enjoy sustained trading volumes and a more engaged trading community.  Through its adept integrations, brokers can now provide content designed around individual trader preferences and behaviours.

Operating 24/7, Autochartist tirelessly scans the markets, alerting traders to fluctuating market conditions and real-time trading opportunities. From analytics tools to in-platform market scanning and automated content distribution, they seamlessly integrate their products into the most popular platforms like MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, cTrader, xCritical, Mubasher, and cPattern.  Autochartist marketing email integrations include MailChimp, HubSpot, SendGrid, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Supported messaging and notification services include SMS, Whatsapp, Telegram, WeChat, and Slack. The popular social media channels Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram are covered, as well as integration with WordPress and Contentful CMS systems.  Matching broker needs with powerful tools for customer acquisition, engagement and retention.

About Autochartist  

Autochartist is a financial market content and analytics company that leverages big data and proprietary technology to help brokers acquire, engage and retain their customers. Since our inception in 2004, we have grown to become a global leader in automated financial content generation and trade execution analytics for many leading Stock, Currency, Futures and CFD brokerage firms around the world. We service millions of traders in over 100 countries through our vast broker partnerships and pride ourselves on our core commitment to service excellence and ongoing market leadership through developing innovative new products and services.