Australian CFD broker FairMarkets roots for Alex de Minaur at the Davis Cup

Australian tennis star Alex de Minaur is participating in the Davis Cup, to be held in Malaga, Spain. On 22nd November, he will play in the quarter-finals of the prestigious team competition run by the International Tennis Federation. 

The event will see Alex supported by former world number 1 and Australia captain Lleyton Hewitt.

The game will be relevant to the FX and CFD brokerage industry because investment house FairMarkets is Alex de Minaur’s personal sponsor.

“FairMarkets and I share the same passions and we are aligned in our goals”

James O’Neill, FairMarkets Executive Director, said: “We are looking forward to watching Alex play at the 2022 Davis Cup Finals in Malaga with the FairMarkets logo on his shirt. Alex understands the power, confidence, and influence of having support, a mindset which we at FairMarkets emulate with our first-class support from our customer service and success team. Like Alex, we continuously advance our services, and build on our experience, always improving. We aim to respond quickly to changing customer needs with the best service possible in the industry. Simple, fresh, fair.

Alex de Minaur stated: “I am thrilled to be working with FairMarkets and am very thankful for the continued support that they have given me. As challengers, FairMarkets and I share the same passions and we are aligned in our goals, which makes us perfect partners both on and off the court.”

FairMarkets provides a range of resources including exclusive webinars and live events to clients, with upcoming webinars run by the company covering key topics such as an introduction to FX, algo-trading, liquidity and volume, technical insights, and trader mindset training. The online broker is also preparing an FX trading boot camp-Special FX trading event for beginners.

FairMarkets is KIG’s base in the APAC region

FairMarkets is an ASIC-authorized FX and CFD broker that was recently acquired by Turkish brokerage group KIG to serve as the base in the APAC region.

Umit Kaf is the regional director of FairMarkets. A former global strategist and portfolio manager with extensive experience in international markets, money, and risk management, Umit headed a global team of analysts at Garanti Securities and helped clients to manage their portfolios.

“By entering Australia with the acquisition of FairMarkets, KIG has indeed increased its footprint in the region, and this is an important move for KIG as Australia is an attractive, secure, and well-regulated market. Crucially, the Australian economy has a high income per capita, and the market has an attractive pool of more than 1 million active clients and almost $30 trillion annual volume. The Australian market grew 100% between 2017-2019 and has gained significant market share within the FX/CFD industry over the past 5 years, plus it is a population that is well-versed in the type of products and services that we offer”, Umit Kaf said in an interview late last year.

“While the retail market in Australia is already fairly saturated, we believe that there is definitely an opening for us as we are bringing many new offerings to Australian clients that have not been offered before and they will not be able to experience with any of our competitors. One of these exciting new products is our “Aussie Premium”, an exclusive account type which offers tight spreads and zero commission on FX pairs of AUD crosses, Brent and WTI, gold and silver, and ASX 200 index. We designed it for Australians who mostly trade these products in their daily life, who have AUD-sensitivity international business interests and close connections with the oil and mining industry. This is a product that we feel the Australian clients will really value and thus will become a key differentiator for us.”

KIG plans to grow FairMarkets into an international multi-product investment house with a wide variety of products and services. The Turkish brokerage group also entered the US with FINRA-licensed GK Trade New York, obtained a license from the FSC in Mauritius, and acquired Işık Menkul, a CMB-regulated multi-asset broker in Turkey, stepping into the MENA region and into South Africa by acquiring Maru Asset Managers, licensed by the FSCA.