Aquanow is the latest source of market data in Solana-based oracle Pyth network

Pyth price feeds have been available on the Solana mainnet since August 2021.

Aquanow is the latest addition to the Pyth network, a specialized oracle solution for latency-sensitive financial data, and help deliver market access to trusted pricing.

The digital asset infrastructure company and crypto liquidity provider will feed its high-quality digital asset data to Pyth.

Founded in 2018, Aquanow enables institutional and enterprise use-cases for digital assets such as custom trading, payment, yield, and wallet solutions.

Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, Aquanow reports volumes in the billions through the platform each month as it caters to firms across the globe, including financial institutions, fintech platforms, and global companies.

Phil Sham, Chief Executive Officer at Aquanow , said: “As a company focused on digital asset infrastructure, we’re excited to support the Pyth network and be a part of this growing DeFi community. This partnership recognizes Aquanow as a trusted source of market data. Pyth is one of the leading oracle solutions in DeFi and works to bridge the gap between traditional and emergent financial markets. Our companies and missions are a natural fit.”

Stephen Kaminsky, Special Projects at Jump Crypto, one of the top trading firms and crypto players helping to support Pyth, commented: “Aquanow plays a vital role in crypto infrastructure, positioned right in that critical intersection between blockchain and the off-chain financial markets. Similarly, as a leading oracle solution, Pyth is helping to bridge the gap between smart contract protocols on-chain and financial data off-chain. This is a terrific partnership to help further fuel the growth of DeFi, and we look forward to working alongside the impressive Aquanow team.”

The Pyth network delivers timely, accurate, and valuable data on-chain and on a sub-second timescale and gathers more than 45 prominent data publishers across various asset classes, including digital assets, equities, and FX.

Pyth has recently announced the onboarding of Peak6’s crypto business to provide real-time cryptocurrency data to the oracle platform designed to provide trusted and verifiable market data to decentralized applications.

There are now over 50 publishers providing first-party quality data into Pyth across crypto assets, equities, and FX. Cumberland DRW, Flow Traders, FTX, Galaxy Digital, Jane Street, Jump Trading Group, LMAX, Two Sigma Securities, and Virtu Financial, are a few of Pyth network’s participants.

Pyth is rapidly growing and has reached $1.5B in DeFi total value locked derived from the exciting projects and protocols consuming Pyth feed, according to the firm, which serves as a data gateway between real world markets and the blockchain. Its information system is utilized by crypto desks and trading exchanges who rely on its platform to obtain accurate, real-time data.

Pyth price feeds have been available on the Solana mainnet since August 2021 and leading Solana dApps like Bonfida, Drift, Hxro, Mango Markets, Saber Labs, Solend, Synthetify, Port, and Zeta Markets have integrated with Pyth network to strengthen their protocols’ uptime guarantees and automate critical on-chain functions in a highly reliable, fully decentralized, and cost-efficient manner.