Ankr launches block explorer and analytics platform Chainscanner

Web3 infrastructure provider Ankr has rolled outs its latest product, Chainscanner, a block explorer and analytics platform for developers and users to view, analyze and interact with their desired chains.

What separates Chainscanner from other alternatives is its intuitive interface that provides users with everything they need to interact with app-specific blockchains (AppChains) deployed on sidechain ecosystems. The product counts major blockchains including BNB, Polygon, and Avalanche and offers a set of tools that empowers you to map crypto transactions.

Chainscanner transparently displays transaction and address data, acting as a search engine to provide a view of activities that are occurring on blockchains. But unlike similar products like Etherscan, Ankr’s all-in-one investigative tool compiles and relays information from many different networks, not just the Ethereum chain. Simply put, it is a user-oriented tool that fetches data from the main database and reflects it in a straightforward and convenient web interface.

So instead of building block explorers or other necessary blockchain infrastructure from scratch, developers can simply organize the crypto data and make it transparent and accessible.

Ankr offers AppChains-as-a-Service, the newest scaling solution that combines the best of security, throughput, and customizability. The product is designed to help Web3 projects and dApps operate on a dedicated blockchain tailored to fit their exact needs and specifications.

With only one dApp per chain, projects can eliminate the need to compete for network resources. Under this model, Ankr’s AppChains solve two of the biggest challenges holding back Web3 adoption – slow transaction speed and high gas fees – all without having to create a new layer from scratch.

Kev Silk, Product Manager for Ankr AppChains, said, “Chainscanner is an essential new building block for AppChains that greatly improves user experience with tools made to let users instantly search for data, stake tokens, vote on governance proposals, get development resources, apply to become a validator, and learn everything about different chains. This is how we make decentralized apps as easy to use and as high performance as the centralized apps we’re used to interacting with every day.”

Ankr’s infrastructure already allows developers to gain access to dozens of leading blockchain platforms, including Ethereum, Polygon and Polkadot, without the need to go through complex technical details.

Ankr empowers Web3 users with a platform where they can deploy nodes on Proof of Stake (PoS) blockchains, stake their PoS tokens and access DeFi applications. Ankr’s native cryptocurrency, ANKR coin, serves as a payment method across the platform.  Ankr Protocol is said to serve roughly six billion blockchain requests per day across more than 50 networks.