Ankr enables developers to integrate Staking on their projects

Ankr has launched a line of Staking software development kits (SDKs) for developers who wish to integrate liquid staking solutions into their projects and platforms.

The SDKs will start by covering staking on five different blockchains – Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain, Avalanche, and Fantom, the San Francisco-based Web3 infrastructure announced.

Greg Gopman, Chief Marketing Officer at Ankr, said, “Our SDKs enable easy earning solutions for all dApps, games, and every other web3 use case. This is something that will increase TVL not just for Ankr Staking, but for all the Proof-of-Stake chains we support.”

Blockchain developers will be able to use Ankr’s Staking SDKs to allow their users to stake tokens to earn rewards and receive back a liquid staking token, which can then be used to gain additional yield and services across web3.

The solution is easy to integrate, especially using JavaScript and TypeScript or directly with smart contract APIs, and only requires users to connect their wallets, and choose what they want to stake in order to receive rewards daily. The staking functionality can be integrated via Smart contract APIs and RESTful-like APIs.

According to Ankr, the staking SDKs have undergone rigorous security audits before going live on projects like Sikka Protocol, Helios Protocol, and Clover Finance.

Any project is suitable to integrate the new staking solutions on the backend, which connects to Ankr Staking, which then delegates tokens to the most suitable validators and mints new liquid staking tokens that the stakers can claim to their independent wallets, the firm added.

Ankr also enables stakers to potentially expand their earnings by providing their liquid staking tokens on DeFi platforms and earn through liquidity mining, farming for LPs, staking on farmed tokens, automated yield farming.

Ankr’s native token ANKR will become possible to stake this month. Developers may share in the staking fees depending on the arrangement with Ankr, and the staking revenue that comes to Ankr Staking will be partially shared with all ANKR token stakers.

The multichain staking-as-a-service provider wants to be the underlying utility service that powers it all, dApps, wallets, and crypto games, as  Web3 projects and dApps work as city blocks.

Ankr’s Web3 developer tools include the Liquid Staking SDK, Web3 Gaming SDK, and App Chains As a Service. The latter was launched in mid-June as a suite of plug-and-play tools that enable dApp developers to build custom blockchains uniquely suited to their applications.

With the App Chains-as-a-Service, Ankr aims to make extremely scalable blockchains for enterprise-level throughput to facilitate the continued development and success of Web3 dApps.

Ankr’s solution helps developers build their own blockchains on Sidechain frameworks like Polygon Edge, Avalanche Subnets, and the BNB Chain’s BAS. Developers can choose the programming languages, consensus mechanisms, and development frameworks.