Amundi Intermédiation taps FlexTRADER EMS for cross asset trading

Broker-neutral technology firm FlexTrade Systems announced that its solution FlexTRADER EMS has been certified for integration with European execution platform Amundi Intermédiation to consolidate its trading across asset classes.

Amundi Intermédiation, a subsidiary of Amundi Asset Management, acts as an outsourced execution provider for various entities, executing roughly €5 trillion across all asset classes for around 60 clients globally.

FlexTRADER EMS will replace Amundi Intermédiation’s existing multi-asset processes as part of a broader effort to optimize execution workflows in equities and extend efficiencies to other asset classes, including fixed income. It will serve as its centralized platform, offering cross-asset trading capabilities to over 60 dealers across its international investment hubs in Paris, Dublin, Singapore, and Tokyo.

Additionally, Amundi Intermédiation will leverage FlexTrade‘s fixed-income capabilities for automation and electronification in its bond executing operations. The company’s Fixed Income Smart Order Router (FISOR) will allow its bond dealers to utilize consolidated pre-trade data for achieving best execution.

The project will be rolled out in multiple phases, with equities and derivatives already live and operational across Amundi Intermédiation’s global trading desks. Fixed income capabilities are planned to be deployed by the end of 2023.

Andy Mahoney, Managing Director, EMEA at FlexTrade, noted: “We are delighted to welcome Europe’s largest execution platform to FlexTrade. Proactively choosing to consolidate onto a single platform is a strategic vision to ensure Amundi Intermédiation’s execution operations have the core trading technology platform its businesses need to deliver the best outcomes to its clients. Notably, Amundi Intermédiation will also leverage our fixed-income capabilities, further validating the growing trend in the market to electronify bond trading activities.”

FlexTRADER’s functionality offers a customizable execution management system (EMS) with pre-defined trading strategies and tactics for portfolio and single stock trading across all asset classes.The product has recently incorporated an artificial intelligence-driven (AI) feature to transform the way trading teams engage with their data and trading technology solutions.

Dubbed ‘FlexA,’ the voice-activated application incorporates an AI layer to streamline the interaction between traders and their trading technology platform. This goes beyond the traditional 2D grid visualizations and input devices commonly used in trading platforms.

The milestone comes amid a growing interest in the application of natural language processing (NLP) and large language model (LLM) systems, such as ChatGPT developed by OpenAI. This development marks one of the initial real-world use cases where NLP technology is directly utilized within an OEMS (Order and Execution Management System).