Acquis to power Investre’s cloud-native tokenized platform for retail traders

The duration of the contract will be three years, but no further details were disclosed.

Aquis Technologies has partnered with Investre, a neo-exchange for value-driven investment funds, in order to power a 100% cloud-native exchange which will be launched this year.

The software licensing arm of Aquis Exchange will set up the necessary technology to allow for the trading of tokenised, actively managed funds, namely UCITS (Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities) funds on the Investre platform.

Georges Bock, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Investre, said: “Our vision is to have tokenised funds traded online and, one day, to trade 24/7. That means that retail customers will be able to buy actively managed funds when they want, at a known price, for the first time ever. This will significantly lower the cost of investing and reduce barriers to entry.”

“To make this happen, we need a best-in-class order matching system so that the trading can take place: this is where Aquis comes in. They’ve been providing trading systems to marketplaces for 8 years now and their technology is the perfect fit for our vision. We’re delighted to be moving forward with them as a key partner for the future of Investre, and the future of asset management.”

Adrian Ip, Director of Aquis Technologies Sales, commented: “We are delighted to have been chosen by Investre to power its new exchange. This is a great initiative for the funds market, and we are particularly proud to be producing the first EU-regulated totally cloud native exchange for retail investors. For too long the retail market has been cut out of the loop, but Investre’s blockchain approach is a great way to bring the end user directly into the market.”

Investre’s upcoming exchange will cater to retail customers who look to buy and sell values-driven investment funds-either direct from the asset manager on the primary market, or by trading with other users through an auction process on the secondary market.

The secondary market will be powered by dAquis, which will supply a fully outsourced technology model to Investre consisting of its award-winning Aquis Matching Engine, its Aquis Market Surveillance product, as well as ongoing operational support to the business.

Investre’s digital marketplace is built on the blockchain, where assets can be fully tokenized to reduce costs and cut down on transaction fees.