24 Exchange wins FinanceFeeds Award for Exceptional Liquidity Aggregation 

24 Exchange has been honored with the prestigious FinanceFeeds Award for “Exceptional Liquidity Aggregation Provider.” Recognizing the power of liquidity aggregation, this accolade shines a spotlight on 24 Exchange’s dedication to creating a trading environment that’s smooth, cost-efficient, and open for traders around the globe.

From day one, 24 Exchange has been all about shaking things up. They’ve built a trading platform that works for all kinds of asset classes, breaking away from the usual mold in the foreign exchange industry and beyond. Additionally, the platform headed by Fastmatch founder Dmitri Galinov, is designed to deliver cost-effective trades across a diverse spectrum of assets, reshaping how market participants exchange their exposures. This unique approach has made 24 Exchange a front-runner in the world of liquidity aggregation, pushing the whole industry into new territory.

24 Exchange’s mission resonates with traders across the globe: to enable the most efficient access to financial markets across a growing array of asset classes, 24 hours a day. This commitment to accessibility has led to a platform that empowers traders to make informed decisions, even in the most complex markets. By offering unique workflows tailored to each asset class, 24 Exchange has made trading easy and affordable, letting traders take control.

Regulatory compliance is paramount in the financial landscape. 24 Exchange’s commitment to transparency and integrity is evident through its regulation by the Bermuda Monetary Authority (BMA). This regulatory framework ensures that market participants can engage with confidence, knowing they are trading in a secure and compliant environment.

Celebration is in order as 24 Exchange has recently set new records for FX NDF trading volume throughout 2023. This remarkable milestone highlights the platform’s ability to bridge the bifurcated pool of liquidity in NDFs, creating a unified anonymous pool of liquidity. Through pioneering technology, 24 Exchange is revolutionizing trading landscapes, granting institutional investors unmatched opportunities.

Quote from 24 Exchange: “At 24 Exchange, we are honored to receive the FinanceFeeds Award for ‘Exceptional Liquidity Aggregation.’ This recognition underscores our adherence to reshaping the trading landscape through innovative technology and a dedication to empowering traders with seamless access to diverse asset classes. We pride ourselves on being a long-term technology partner that understands the evolving competitive and regulatory landscape.”

Quote from FinanceFeeds: “With the increasing prevalence of intricate interactions between market participants, 24 Exchange is paving the way for genuine, optimal execution. The platform brings forth a versatile selection of liquidity aggregation options that align with user-defined criteria, coupled with pre-trade transaction cost analysis (TCA) evaluations. This combination facilitates a comprehensive approach to achieving superior execution outcomes in the foreign exchange market.”

24 Exchange’s offerings extend beyond FX NDFs to include Crypto NDFs, FX Swaps, and FX Spot – and its digital currency derivatives offerings are aligned with the highest regulatory standards set by the Bermuda Monetary Authority. With a focus on continuous enhancement, 24 Exchange aims to further broaden its offerings, ushering institutional traders into an era of unprecedented liquidity and lower costs.

As the founder of 24 Exchange, Dmitri Galinov, betters the landscape with a vision of round-the-clock trading, the platform stands as a testament to innovation, accessibility, and trader empowerment. The accolade from FinanceFeeds Awards further cements 24 Exchange’s position as an industry leader, lighting the path for a future where liquidity aggregation transforms trading into a truly borderless endeavor.

Galinov believes it is never too early to establish a relationship with investors by having casual conversations on the business, the market opportunity, and what they are looking for in investments.

Before being able to properly raise seed funding, 24 Exchange built a well-developed viable product, a strong core team, early traction and customer experiences showcasing the opportunity for their business.

About 24 Exchange

24 Exchange is a multi-asset class trading platform that allows market participants to seamlessly exchange their exposures at the lowest possible cost. 24 Exchange’s mission is to enable members to initiate the most cost-effective trades across a growing range of asset classes, 24 hours a day. 24 Exchange lowers the cost of exchanging assets in the global markets while delivering creative and unique workflows catered to each asset class. 24 Exchange is operated by 24 Exchange Bermuda Limited and 24 Exchange Broker Limited which are regulated by the Bermuda Monetary Authority (BMA) for the purposes of conducting Digital Asset Business, pursuant to the Digital Asset Business Act. More information is available at https://24exchange.com/.