17 Best Managed Forex Accounts In 2023: Traders Union’ Version

Traders Union analysts present a comprehensive guide to the top 17 managed Forex accounts of 2023. Discover their pros and cons, as well as their features. Understand managed accounts, broker offerings, advisory vs. copy trading, and how to select your ideal account. Managed accounts differ from active trading, and potential risks are explored.

Meaning of Managed Forex Accounts

Managed accounts offer passive investing with top 2023 Forex brokers. They involve professionals making trades on your behalf for a fee, often low. Such accounts broaden market access, suiting passive investors and those less active. While trading is high risk, utilizing skilled traders can be rewarding. Unlike learning to trade, managed accounts provide consistent income, akin to renting a boat rather than owning one.

Types of Managed Account

Analysts at TU have determined the key types of managed Forex accounts provided by brokers:

  • Forex Copy Trading: A distinct concept where traders replicate experts’ moves.
  • PAMM/MAM Accounts: PAMM uses ratios to distribute trading activities among portfolios; MAM tailors leverage ratios.
  • Advisory Services: Offers expert consultations, distinct from basic account management.
  • Managed Portfolios: Professionals manage diverse investments for clients, beyond Forex.
  • Individual & Pooled Accounts: Individual suits unique goals; pooled combines multiple investors’ decisions.

Note that managed portfolios often involve traditional assets, with fees of 1% to 2% annually. Individual accounts need around $10,000 to start, while pooled accounts, catering to multiple investors, often start at $1,000 to $2,000.

Top Forex Managed Accounts

Explore Traders Union’s list of the 17 best managed Forex accounts in 2023, each offering unique features and benefits:

  1. RoboForex (CopyFX): Renowned for its exceptional copy trading system.
  2. Tickmill: Offers best-in-class MyFxBook Autotrade accounts with minimal fees.
  3. Forex4You: Presents excellent passive income options with no minimum deposit requirements.
  4. IC Markets: Provides PAMM/MAM accounts with low fees.
  5. FxPro: Offers MAM accounts without management fees.
  6. InstaForex: Known for its PAMM account and excellent customer service.
  7. FBS: Features the best copy trading app.
  8. eToro: Offers an extensive choice of successful traders to copy.
  9. AvaTrade: Offers copy trading with excellent risk management tools.
  10. FxOpen: Recognized for the best copy trading system by user experience.
  11. FP Markets: A prominent broker, which offers robust leverage.
  12. FXTM: Offers MT4 and MT5 capabilities.
  13. Swissquote: Boasts strong security features.
  14. Interactive Brokers: Stands out for its low pricing.
  15. FXCM: Known for its swift account opening.
  16. Naga: Stands out for its diverse asset offerings.
  17. Fidelity: Distinguishes itself with comprehensive research resources.

Choosing a Managed Forex Account

TU analysts underline that choosing a managed Forex account is straightforward with the 17 options listed.

  1. Begin by evaluating the broker’s regulations, reputation, and online reviews. Platform assessment is crucial for monitoring, even if a manager handles decisions.
  2. Prioritize user-friendliness, visual clarity, and ease of use in the platform.
  3. Carefully review terms, risks, and detailed costs associated with the account.
  4. Consider the example of cryptocurrency traders affected by 2022 volatility, where account assets became firm assets in cases of bankruptcy or reorganization.


Managed Forex accounts represent specialized investment portfolios managed by a third party who executes trades and investments on behalf of the account owner. Typically, a professional trader, broker, or financial expert oversees the account, yet the owner retains full ownership and can provide input on trading styles and preferences. While the recommended companies for managed Forex accounts in the Traders Union article have their pros and cons, these options are suitable for traders seeking passive income.